The Show

Hey! Guess what? Baseball Beer and BBQ is also a broadcast and a podcast. The show is live every Saturday morning, usually at 10:30 am ET (but sometimes we change it just to mess with you). If you want to listen live go to the Happy Hour Network and press the “Listen” button, which is quite difficult to do if 1) you do not have fingers or 2) someone has your fingers and is twisting them. If you want to listen to the podcast (“podcast” is defined as a sci-fi reproduction on an original “cast,” i.e. a Sweeney Todd revival) go to various places: iTunes, I95 Sports Radio, NGSC Sports, etc. (“etc.” just means etc. btw, it is not a specific place of its own). The show is hosted by Ted Hicks (“Homer”) and Lee Vowell (“Idiot”). Sometimes our featured writer from these pages, Todd Vandenberg, drunkenly sits in to make a mockery of the show. And every week we have one or two wonderful guests who, as opposed to the three people above, actually know what they are talking about. So, since you seem to like us so much by visiting this website, go listen to the show. Please.


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