About BBB

Baseball Beer and BBQ is like a dual-threat quarterback, only we don’t talk about American football that much. Unless we are pissed off. Anyway, BBB is a dual-threat because we have a special place we put actual written words (this website) AND we have a place where we talk good words (for more on that check the Podcast page on this site). BBB is basically three guys who know how to (sometims) use spellcheck, Ted Hicks, Lee Vowell and Todd Vandenberg (Todd is the featured writer here; Ted and Lee do not let him speak if we can help it), but you will see pieces from other writers as well, like Rob Steele and Joel Schafer. We don’t limit ourselves to writing about just baseball (the greatest sport in the history of Earth), beer (the drink of the gods) and food (we eat to stay alive!), but we will discuss those topics which we think you should be forced to read. Maybe even politics!

So, it has to be said, thanks for coming here and reading our blog and maybe checking out our live broadcast and then re-listening to the podcast. And just an FYI, everytime you read a blog on this site or listen to one of our many award-winning* shows, an angel gets its wings.

(*We haven’t actually won any awards. Yet. Probably never. Why do you hate us?)


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