I May Be In The Minority…

…but I am shocked and shocked as hell that there aren’t more people talking about these damned Black Lives Matter and Muslim TERRORISTS that have dared to take over the federal building out there in Oregon!!! There’s hundreds of them dirty SOB’s walking around in broad daylight with guns that surely was given to them by the Muslim in Chief Barack Hussein Obama and no one is doing a damn thing about it! The libtard media isn’t saying a word about it either. Of course they won’t! This damned illegitimate so-called president – and he ain’t MY President dammit – is even bothering to hide his takeover. This is nothing but the second stage of Jade Helm! I have no doubt the jackbooted thugs are no doubt on their way to protect these immigrant sand – well I ain’t gonna say it but you know what I mean – and our homegrown welfare coloreds. When is this country gonna wake up!!

US patriot

What? What the hell you mean they’re white? Well I’ll be damned – my friend must have been pulling my leg. They aren’t terrorists, they’re Freedom Fighters and US Patriots showing that halfbreed President who’s boss! Hell yeah! The damn government tossing the Constitution away and sending the Hammonds back to the pen on double jeopardy! It’s all part of their plan to take our land away and give it to all these damn refugees too! I thank God Almighty for the Bundy clan stepping up to the jackbooted thugs of Obama! That’s right come get yourself some Barack Hussein and see for yourself what happens when the True American People show you we aren’t going to stand for your illegal landgrab anymore!


And now we bring you back to the real world. Much has been made in the media – both the “libtard” sources such as the New York Times and that stalwart source of “unbiased” reporting, Fox News – of the takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge building. A protest had been held at neighboring Burns Oregon over the appellate court’s decision to correct two rancher’s sentences to the appropriate terms. The pair had been convicted of burning federal land; they claimed it was to protect against invasive species (probably not Muslims, but I’m sure that was in the back of their minds). The prosecution stated the burn-off was to disguise evidence of poaching deer on federal land, and they were convicted on that basis.

Now, the term takeover is pretty laughable in itself, as the building was unoccupied at the time of the “takeover”. While conservative blogs have stated repeatedly that there are well over a hundred protesters at the site, actual video shows no more than six people in any given frame. One piece of footage showed six vehicles; most reliable estimates put the number of the “occupying force” at no more than fifteen individuals. The group, led by Ammon Bundy, one of the sons of noted scofflaw rancher Cliven Bundy, has stated they are prepared to occupy the building “for years”. Ammon Bundy said that if the government used force to retake the refuge, “they would be putting lives at risk.” Seems to me the people putting lives at risk are the idiots walking around with guns and fancy “US Patriot” tags.

militia constitution

So…we have people who claim to support the Constitution of the United States of America defying the rule of law. Their solution isn’t to appeal; no, it’s to take to the streets with guns, then “take over” an isolated, unoccupied federal building in the middle of nowhere. Don’t get me wrong; I’m glad these gutless jackbooted thugs are too chickenshit to actually attempt to “take over” a building that might have actually offered resistance. They’re getting exactly what they want, media coverage, at minimal risk. Such courage!

One of my favorite quotes in all this mess is this from Ammon Bundy; “We’re out here because the people have been abused long enough really. Their lands and their resources have been taken from them to the point where it’s putting them literally in poverty, and this facility has been a tool in doing that.” Hmmmm…lands and resources taken from people, putting them in poverty…Wow, I just realized the Bundys are fighting for the rights of Native Americans! Yeah, go Bundys go!

Except of course, they’re too frigging ignorant to see the irony of that. Why, why, why, do some people believe that the Constitution is the holy Word of God, until it works against them? Two men burned land; they were tried and found guilty, then given reduced sentences. An appellate court ruled that the sentences didn’t meet the standard of law. That’s L A W, folks. That is how what you see as your God-given United States of America works, by law. Not by throwing a gun over your shoulder and pouting. You great Murrican heroes got nothing to worry about. I doubt the jackbooted Feds need that bird sanctuary back any time soon.

I may be in the minority…but you guys are idiots.

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