I May Be In The Minority… by Todd Vandenberg

…but I think there’s a place for a non-sports column on a (mainly) sports site. Actually, Baseball Beer BBQ has always been about much more than sports; this is just my part of the reboot/relaunch/rebirth/rediculousnesses of that.

First off, Happy New Year, ya’ll. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything for our site, which was rather ludicrous in hindsight. Why exactly am I writing for someone else’s site and letting our own languish? After three friends asked me how this made sense, and the true honchos of the site said the same…it really didn’t make sense, did it? These are excellent sites, by the way –  The 3 Point Conversion and NGSC Sports are both great, and I highly recommend both of them.

As much as I like sports, there are other topics I’d like to write about; as those two sites are excellent, they probably don’t want to run a piece about my views on Donald Trump, or why Disney/Marvel continues to get it right while Warner/DC keeps crapping the bed.


Donald Trump craps the bed too, by the way, but for some reason, roughly thirty-five percent of likely Republican voters want this orange encrusted cauliflower to be their President. More on that in another piece.

So yes, I’ll be writing about politics, movies, relationships, biology, all kinds of nerdy stuff. Oh, I’ll be writing about baseball, MMA, and other sports as well. I’m contractually obligated to jock it up at least once per week.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy some of what you read. I’m even more hopeful that what I write gives you reason to think, and examine your own opinions. I don’t care if you agree with me; I just want your opinion to be your own, not handed down by the zeitgeist of the interwebs. This random column will appear weekly under the heading you see above. I will indeed talk about things in which I believe I hold a minority viewpoint –


like why David Letterman’s morning talk show in 1980 is one of the greatly unappreciated gems of television history. And why Adam Sandler is the greatest comic genius – no, sorry, can’t even finish typing that. But I will talk about how so many comics lose their touch and continue to spew garbage hat only they believe in.

Sorta like Trump.

Alright kiddies, it’s back to my New Year’s celebration – watching Gareth Edward’s severely under-appreciated Godzilla,


then heading to my brother’s for a delightful frosty beverage. And La Fin Du Monde is definitely one of the best beers on the planet.

la fin du monde


I may be in the minority… but I’m right.





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