Examining Athletes, Baby Daddy’s and today’s society!

puff-daddy-mase-shiny-suits2In my world – I’m the father that spends time editing a parental blog – which operates in the heart of TriBeCa, NY. My world-renowned nationally syndicated BTR (Late Night Parents) podcast is consumed by millions – maybe even billions globally!  Well, now back to reality – It’s 2016 – and management is ensuring that I fulfill my HHN contract.  So, on a regular basis – you’ll get a bi-weekly rant from yours truly. As you already know – I also co-host Baseball, Beer & BBQ with two of the roughest, toughest SOBs in the business. (aka MGMT)

Sometime ago – I had the opportunity to briefly work with Ed Gordon’s (formerly w/BET) wife Leslie Gordon – who authored a book called Dare To Be Extraordinary: A Collection of Positive Life Lessons from African American Fathers.  During my tour of duty w/ BarberShop Sports – we would broach some controversial topics during our production meetings.  There was a time when we were trying to decide whether to discuss Adrian Peterson’s tragedy and the bi-product of athletes that father children out of wedlock.  No one is ever prepared to deal with a heartbreaking tragedy of losing a child – however, many aren’t equipped w/bringing a life into the world. While growing up in Queens, NY – you’re taught that you’re going to outlive your parents. In today’s world – the 24/7 rat race – everyone’s life has become a reality show and it’s not uncommon for parents to bury their children.  I spent some time reflecting and trying to put myself in the shoes of some of these athletes / entertainers.


Why – you ask?  Because we adore / idolize and worship them!

Now, please don’t think I consider myself as having a tenth of the resources that AP (or insert your favorite athletes name) currently owns.  But, I remember after much hear-say from TMZ and other media outlets – the story evolved w/AP fathering as many as seven children from various women.  Info such as this should cause a shift and a spirited debate! You have to ask yourself, what in the world is going on!

As a man and father –  there’s a certain level of respect, responsibility and ownership with being a parent.  Fathering a child does NOT make you a PARENT or a MAN!

Here are 8 Baby Daddy PROs (not named #Dwightmare)!!! (different perspectives)

  1.  Shawn Kemp – Seattle Supersonics All-Star fathered seven children with six women, although the number may be high as 11.
  2.  Former NFL running back Travis Henry had nine children with as many women.
  3. Evander Holyfield enters the ring with 11 children, with an unreported number of women. No wonder he kept fighting for far too long.
  4. The married ex-champ George Foreman has 12 children, all while married four times over the years. A well-known fun fact: five of Foreman’s sons share his first name and he has one daughter named Georgetta. Kudos go out to the big-hearted slugger, however, as he adopted two girls last year.
  5. NY Jets CB Antonio Cromartie has now fathered 12 children with eight women in six different states. However, his latest additions came while married to his wife in 2012, later welcoming twins.
  6. Muhammad Ali stands with a record of four marriages, nine children, two extramarital babies.
  7. Shawn Bradley is a devout Mormon, and he and his wife have six children thus keeping with the faith.
  8. Boston Celtics executive Danny Ainge has six children with his wife!

nfl-shield-logo-16_9As a content provider – we consider ourselves familiar with the so-called shelf life of an athlete.  It’s relatively a New York minute.  In my world, I’ve participated in discussions with former & current athletes and their agents about their careers / succession & financial planning.  The #NFL has been referenced on many occasions as an acronym for NOT FOR LONG.  There are case studies that stated 70% of former athletes are bankrupt within 3 years after their professional careers have ended.  We’ve watched various #30for30 documentaries such as “Broke” where athletes have mismanaged their income with bad investments.  (IE:  Record labels, restaurants, clothing lines are the TOP THREE failed businesses w/athletes)  Moguls such as: Oprah, Jerry Springer and Maury Povich have made millions on exposing dead beat fathers through paternity tests and overall embarrassing them by putting their “dirty laundry” out on “front” street.

332295_10150407027046945_1771597577_oIf you’re “about that life” of fathering children out of wedlock – ask yourself – when is it time to say when?  Do you get the vasectomy after you’ve made the 1st, 2nd or 3rd child from as many women?  I guess contracting a disease isn’t even in your thought process? Do you ever take a moment and not be selfish?  Probably NOT!  When do you take the time to grow up and be an adult? Probably NEVER!  How are you going to be an effective father – when you’ve spread your seed across many states in North America?  Yeah, you might be up to date with child support, but what about the parenting / leadership / guidance and overall time slicing with your child.  It’s an extremely challenging feat with two children that are vying for your time – try eight or nine children that are in multiple households and geographically separated.

Yes, I get it – I live in a bubble gum world – black and white – everything is gonna be alright.  Regardless, of your thoughts about this article – its paramount to be involved in your child’s academic, extra-curricular activity, community work and teaching them every step of the way.  @RealTedHicks


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