Matt Harvey / The Dark Knight Rises by @RealTedHicks

Screenshot 2015-09-07 19.57.00So, I’m a Mets fan — some would say an apologist, but like my father before me – I drag my son to watch their games. For more than 30 years, I called Queens, NY my home. Now, unlike Yankee fans – we’re not used to playing meaningful baseball in August — hell, September is totally a bonus.

This season started and I was unable to attend Opening Day due to a prior commitment in New Orleans at a technology conference. However, attending a road trip in Atlanta – I watched the Mets lose 2 of 3 to those blasted Braves. Totally, I was unhappy thinking it’s those #SameOleMets, just like the #Jets #Nets and everyone else.

Fast forward to the trade that never was w/Wilmer Flores and Zach Wheeler and then July 31st rolled again and BOOM the Cespedes deal ignites the organization. As a fan you start to #BELIEVE that a change has finally arrived.

Now, I like stay abreast of what’s happening in MLB – hell, since we have a weekly podcast where we talk Baseball, Beer & BBQ. During this season – I’ve heard a lot of whispers about soft inning caps for their three aces: Harvey, Syndegaard & deGrom. My buddies in the mailroom (who happen to be Yankee fans) love to quiz me on the latest happenings w/the Mets. They would throw around names / terms like Freddie (Wilpon) Coupons and about my team not having the killer instinct. Mostly, about the Mets acting like a small market team in a super sized market.

The last 72 hours have been very eventful with Matt Harvey, Scott Boras, Dr. James Andrews (is he the only DR that practices sports medicine), the Mets and Sandy Alderson. NY Media / Journalists have put out reports and speculations pertaining to innings pitched vs actual pitches and called Matt Harvey every name in the book. I’m talking about every outlet and journalist outside of Jon Heyman.

You see that’s where I differ, because we’re fans and fandom tends to take over. This is where people forget this is entertainment for us – but for the entertainers – it’s their livelihood.   In our professions, we’ll work 30-40 years in various jobs – capacities and when it’s time to retire – we receive a watch, a kick in the butt and cake in the break-room.

These entertainers / athletes have a very short shelf life / porch that they get to live their dreams – after many years of preparation w/getting to the pinnacle and performing at the highest level. It’s easy to call Matt Harvey (Harvey Dent) or a d-bag / scumbag, but this is HIS career. Many of us never played sports and live vicariously through our children or our favorite athletes.

Matt Harvey is 26 years old and hopefully prepping for a ten year run in the MLB, and unless you’ve had Tommy John surgery and walked in his shoes – SHUT YOUR mouth – be a fan – don’t say hateful things – and enjoy the show.

You criticize him for waffling on the 180-185 number and obliterate his character for trying to look out for himself. Let’s say Harvey does a Madison Bumgarner impersonation and tears his UCL again….he’s damaged goods — that illustrious $200M payday in 2018 w/the Yankees is shot.

Trust me – if you were in the same position – you would worry about yourself and privately say the HELL w/the fans.

Hoping tomorrow night – the #DarkKnight re-appears and Harvey mows down the Nationals and the FAN will hold up their Harvey Day banners…and just focus on being a fan.

Lastly, it was nicely done w/Harvey telling his account in the Players Tribune! You have to ask yourself – who was Harvey going to rely on? Not the same media that lambasted him – calling for the Mets to SHUT HIM DOWN now and trade him this off-season. Outlets like this diminish the reach of these journalists – along w/social media – a shrinking print media industry.

So much to cover – in so little time.

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