Our Tax Dollars at Play at Sports Stadiums – @RealTedHicks

Every Saturday at 1030am ET – you can always expect some banter on @baseballbeerbbq from this Long Islander about athletes chasing the dollar, contracts, mergers or acquisitions or what’s happening in the social media world.  Since April 15th was our official tax deadline filing date – I thought it was apropos to share an infographic of your tax dollars at play in sports stadiums. (Ask yourself – what are two things that are always being built in America – it’s ballparks and penitentiaries)  You already know professional sports are a big business – most of these teams earn revenue in the hundreds of millions, with the most successful being valued at more than $2 billion. But these teams are nowhere without their stadiums. Get a look at how financing has changed over the years and where taxpayers have footed the bill.  We’ll look at three of the oldest professional sports venues currently in operation – Madison Square Garden, Wrigley Field and Fenway Park.  Ultimately, the rich get richer and the poor don’t get a —– you know the rest.


Catch our show w/co-creators Lee Vowell, Todd Vandenberg and yours truly – every Saturday at 1030am.

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