“Sour Grapes and Cats” by Lee Vowell

First, I will get the obvious question out of the way: “Why?” Why would anyone make the choice to throw on second and goal with two timeouts left and Marshawn Lynch in the backfield and 20 seconds left in any game? Not just the Super Bowl, but any game. This ill-fated decision by the Seattle Seahawks that ended up being an interception by the New England Patriots sealed the game for the Patriots and they won Super Bowl number four. Unfortunately, this decision, which should be owned (and was: http://espn.go.com/nfl/playoffs/2014/story/_/id/12266535/super-bowl-xlix-darrell-bevell-seattle-seahawks-play-call-made-kill-clock) by Pete Carroll to Darrell Bevell to Russell Wilson, not only had an outcome that will stay with the players forever, but we fans have to suffer it as well. For the rest of our lives. Even if the Seahawks get to and win another Super Bowl, and they are young enough and talented enough to do so, we have to remember what could have been. Before the game I told a friend of mine who is a Patriots fan, “Either way, I hope it’s a blowout.” The worst games to lose are the close ones. If you get beat by a million points, there is never a question of, “What would have happened if we ran one play differently?” You just live with the fact you got beat by a million points. Instead, the Seahawks and Seahawks fans lost in the worst way possible, and, to be honest, the fans have a right to feel a little cheated by the coaching staff.

Secondly, and I do not want to sound like sour grapes here, but I have seen tweets like, “This Puts to Rest any debate Tom Brady is the Best to Ever play the Game #patriotstalk” and “Greatest Franchise in# NFL history #Patriots” and my answer to that is simply, “Oh, come on.” I am a Seahawks fan. I wish we had four Super Bowl rings. I am envious of the fact that the Patriots have four. And I guess it could be argued that Brady is the greatest because there is no true way to prove he is or is not. I could say Terry Bradshaw is the greatest ever. I am not saying he is, but I could make that argument. Last night’s Patriots win, however, does not “put to rest” (or “Put to Rest,” as the writer of origin might have written) that there is no argument other than Brady for greatest quarterback of all time. I wonder, is the argument for Brady the fact that he has now won four Super Bowls? Both Bradshaw and Montana won four Super Bowls as well. In fact, neither Bradshaw nor Montana lost a Super Bowl. Brady has lost two, so he has had more chances to win his four than the others. Pete Rose had more hits than anyone else, but I would not say Rose is a better hitter than Ty Cobb just because Rose had more chances to get those hits than Cobb. Yes, Brady has played in more Super Bowls than anyone, but he does not have more wins than everyone else. Brady is a great quarterback. He is one of the greatest of all time. But one could argue that others are the greatest, too. No one is clearly the best. So calm down, Patriots fans.

The other tweet, that the Patriots are the greatest franchise in NFL history, is just silly. How does the author of that tweet come to that conclusion logically? They do not. They come to it emotionally, but really the Patriots are not the greatest franchise in NFL history. They do not have as many championship trophies as the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Dallas Cowboys or the San Francisco 49ers. The Patriots have played in eight Super Bowls (like the Steelers and Cowboys), but they have not made the most out of those opportunities as other teams. All of the Patriots wins have come in the Brady-Bill Belichick era. The Patriots are more like the 49ers of 1981-1995 in that they are extremely successful within a limited range. The Patriots of this era are a great team. I would not say that they are on the level with those 49ers, simply because the 49ers won five Super Bowls in that span and did not lose one, but still the Patriots are the best NFL franchise of this century, but not of all-time.

The Patriots won yesterday, though, and they deserved to. They are a better team than the Seahawks this year. The Seahawks need to get much better at receiver. (By the way, whoever had the winning lottery ticket of “Darrelle Revis will be needed late in the game to attempt to slow down Seahawks receiver Chris Matthews” please collect your millions at the local sanitarium.) Seattle needs to improve on the offensive and defensive lines. They definitely need to improve in the return game. Overall, though, they are a young team still. This should be a team that contends for several years to come. So, even though everyone who works for or follows the Seahawks organization today feels miserable about the outcome of a football game, there is hope in the future. Not hope despairing, but real, tangible hope.

On happier notes, however, Novak Djokovic won another Australian Open, and the real sports story of the day yesterday was this.

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