The Best Tasting Light Beers with Ted Hicks

anheuser_busch_beerFor all of you health-conscious people out there who want to join in on the @baseballbeerbbq festivities without consuming so many calories – this is for you.,  a platform that hosts thousands and thousands of crowdsourced answers to opinion-based questions, has collected the aggregated opinion of nearly 1500 voters on ‘The Best Tasting Light Beers’.  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact @baseballbeerbbq. Thank you!

The Best Tasting Light Beers:

  1. Sam Adams Light
  2. Heineken Premium Light
  3. Coors Light
  4. Bud Light
  5. Amstel Light
  6. Miller Lite
  7. Yuengling Light
  8. Michelob Ultra
  9. Kirin Light
  10. Corona Light

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